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Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

How do you feel about the word Blockchain? It is being thrown around a lot in various different industries and I wonder if most people really have an understanding of what Blockchain actually is and what it means for the future of your business.

Today, we are all in luck! I have scoured high and low for the experts and in this week AND next weeks episode I get to the bottom of all the hype. There was so much to talk about I turned it into 2 episodes! Join my guests, Sapna Malhotra and Julie Shum and I ask the hard questions to get you some answers and what this means for your supply chain. Some of the questions that will be answered: What exactly is Blockchain? Why is there so much hype and What it means for your business now and in the future.

Need a reference guide or Supply Chain Dictionary? We have you covered: https://www.letstalksupplychain.com/product-page/supply-chain-dictionary

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