Transparency And Data In Supply Chains With Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

How do we grow our business long-term, with integrity and transparency? We do it by understanding WHAT Our customers truly want! In order to do that, we NEED to understand their supply chain and markets. Join my conversation with Supply Chain Leader Sarah...

Tech in Supply Chain- What do you need?

This week I'm talking again with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey and the topic is 'Tech' in Supply Chain. What Supply Chain Technology do we need, what do people get wrong? WATCH HERE: Connect with Sarah here: And her let's Talk Supply...

3PL Industry Perspectives with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

This week on Supply Chain Secrets we chat with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey about the 3PL industry. She comes from a 3PL family! Logistics Outsourcing continues to grow, but are Logistics Companies innovative enough? WATCH HERE Connect with Sarah here:...

Startup And New Technology In Supply Chain

LISTEN HERE Some of the highlights from the podcast: The funding of startups amidst the coronavirus crisis How innovators can use the current situation for future development Profitability vs Hyper scaling Big companies and startups working together The importance of...

The Procuretech Podcast

Sarah from Let’s Talk Supply Chain and Shipz joined me for a great chat about how digital trends are shaping the wider supply chain industry, and how procurement fits neatly into that. We both agree that increased collaboration and the developing trend of both...


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