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I am asked A LOT about my skin and the make up I use as I keep things simple and looking natural.

As a 38 year old, I have tried many different make up and skin care products and when I found the ones I loved I stopped looking and created my own beauty brand called SC Beauty!

Make up

1. I first use the Mineral sheer tint with a little squeeze of my day cream for added moisture

2. Then I use my ring finger to apply just as much or as little of the foundation stick (Natural Beige or Pale Beige, I can use either color) to blend into my skin

3. Then comes the powder, I use our amazing brushes and just push a little product onto the brush for one side of my face and then again for the other (Toast or Cream)

4. I then put some eyebrow pencil on (Natural Taupe), our eyeshadow for a little shimmer and some mascara

5. Last but not least is the vitamin E stick for my lips (some people say its like butter)

Skin Care:

Every other night I use our Liquid Vitamin E all over my face (this stuff is a best kep beauty secret and is like liquid gold!!) For all my other skin care I use Graydon Skincare (follow the link for these products and its on the same website make sure you get the 10% off coupon!


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