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“I got out after 20 years and not really knowing where to go. And in the last six months before that happened, I had already started making revenue on the podcast, so I brought the podcast into my own company. I had guests that paid to come on the show and I had to very quickly learn graphics, and web design, where I was going to do the edits and how I was going to record because my team had all done that previously. I lost my cohost as well. And then I decided that I wanted to shine a light on women in supply chain. And it wasn’t from a female empowerment standpoint. It was really just that I wanted to showcase stories and highlight to other women how you could get into supply chain and what it meant for your career and just, just really talk to them.”

-Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, CEO of SHIPZ



The ‘TECHquila Sunrise’ Series on Supply Chain Now shares the latest investments, acquisitions, innovations, and glorious implosions in Supply Chain Tech every week. If you are looking for a podcast about ‘so-and-so signed a contract with such and such,’ or ‘they just released version 20 of that same technology you didn’t buy last year,’ this is the wrong podcast for you. But if you are looking for real news and innovation, welcome to the Sunrise.

Sarah shares how she moved from the family business, to supply chain thought-leader, to Freight Tech founder and reveals how work ethic & reality TV help her succeed. Listen UP!


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