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Victoryus = winning together, for 20 years I worked in the family business, I helped build it, give it life. Along the way I took risks, I succeeded, I failed, I learned and I grew.

I now run Lets Talk Supply Chain, a popular supply chain podcast, blog and YouTube channel called The SC as well as Shipz my supply chain eco-system and technology debut. Im obsessed with supply chain and my focus is “collaboration is the future of business” and we can all win together.

I love baseball and throwing grown men out when they try to steal second base, I love the beach to unwind, my family including my husband, stepkids, nieces, nephews and fur babies are my world, I named my Company Victoryus after my passion for collaboration and winning together. I moderate panels, do video interviews, create tv shows globally but I call Toronto home.

Im an avid podcast listener and I love Lets Talk Supply Chain. As an Educator, I always learn new facts and tidbits to share with my students. Sarah always has interesting guests, poses insightful questions and speaks with a high level charisma that keeps me coming back weekly. Highly recommended

Toronto, On

How many times have I asked myself why is this a man’s world? this is not a feminist thought.It just seems to me that Corporate Business is upside down. I do challenge people to showcase why men have the unaceptabel leading positions rate of 63% in large, multinational companies. Clearly this is mere reflection of the society itself. But isnt it time to make progress? Considering men and women have the same cognitive capability and women are so ahead in humanity skills, I do hope this scenario will change in the short-term so we can have a fairer society. Gives me goosebumps to see women in power, love the series! Congratulations to you!
Joao Muniz



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